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need help with pcb design files

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-CN0363-PMDZ

I have been trying to open the .SCH or .PCB files of EVAL-CN0363-PMDZ but fail to open it. It seems there are issues with this files.
Can anyone suggest me how I can work on the schematic and PCB and which software will work.

DC0714.cn0363-DesignSupport (1).zip

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    •  Analog Employees 
    Mar 11, 2024 +1 verified

    Hi  ,

    Sharing to you the zip file containing the .sch and .pcb files of EVAL-CN0363-PMDZ.

    May I ask what CAD software are you using to access these files? You may try using Pads Viewer to open the …