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Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-CN0583
Software Version: Not specified


I am trying to get some more information on the EVAL-CN0583-SOM.

I am interested in putting this SOM by itself, no carrier, into a design.

There is a carrier board referenced EVAL-CN0583-CRR1 that says it can be used for debug however I cannot find this product available anywhere.

The User Guide ( states you can configure GPIO pins and program the SOM through the carrier, however without the carrier its unclear how I would do this.

It mentions difference reference code or perhaps prebuilt files but they don't exist. There is a dead link to design support here

I ordered a couple and turned them on . There is some code already running on the board that appears to be the same as described in the User's Guide. And I can see a bit change indicating smoke in the UART Outputs.

However - None of the other pins described in the user's guide seem to be functioning like the Button, Alarm or LED Outputs.

Is there any additional firmware that should be updated on these boards to get the pin functionality working?

Thanks for the help, I'm kind of stuck at this point.

  • Hi,

    The product page for CN0583 is currently undergoing updates to improve your experience. The order button for the carrier board will be available once the update is done. 

    Also, the firmware in the user guide is already updated. You may want to try using that and let me know if you have any other questions.

    Regarding the buzzer, button, LED pins, they were not utilized in the production firmware. There is no associated algorithm included, so they will not trigger the alarm.