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Purpose of jumpers (DN_BN, DP_BP, EN_BN, EP_BP)

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX86178 evaluation kit (EV kit), MAX86178


I cannot find the purpose of these four jumpers (DN_BN, DP_BP, EN_BN, EP_BP).

Could you tell me? Thanks.

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  • Hi NeoWu,

    I'm currently in the process of finding the full data sheet and schematic for the MAX86178EVKIT.

    I'll also check the purpose of the jumpers (DN_BN, DP_BP, EN_BN, EP_BP) and get back to you shortly.


  • Hi NeoWu,

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide information on that topic due to the necessity of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
    All relevant documentation is provided upon purchasing the evaluation kit with an NDA in place.

    May I ask, do you happen to have the schematic for the MAX86178?


    • A Non-Disclosure Agreement covers the product you are seeking support on, and we are unable to provide support for it in the public EngineerZone community. Per the Analog Devices EngineerZone Code of Conduct, we do not discuss NDA products on EngineerZone. To receive support on this product, please contact the CIC team. 

    • In the US: 800-262-5643 or 781-937-1428
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