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Support in CrossCore

Category: Software
Product Number: eval-adicup3029


I recently purchased EVAL-ADICUP3029.

According to all documentation and videos, support for the board will be loaded when I install, upgrade and follow the direction to load the perspective. I did not get anything on EVAL-ADICUP3029 (like one of the video shows) and can not proceed with the evaluation/programming.

When I requested help, the tools group forwarded my issue to the IOT group. Their suggestion of downgrading CrossCore didn’t help. I tried both on win10pro and win11pro.

Please help!


  • Hi Areef,

    Can I ask for a screenshot of the error/s you are encountering in CrossCore while setting up the EVAL-ADICUP3029? And what example project did you try to run?



  • Hello Andy,
    2 shots: one with version of CrossCore and the other one showing “Packs” tab not showing ADICUP3029 in the “Device Specific” section.
    In at least 2 of the videos on ADI site shows that as a 3rd item.
    This is on win11pro. I have tried win10pro as well, not to mention downgrade version of CC as suggested by the IOT group.
    Please note that there is no error message yet as I don’t have any support for the board.
    Many thanks,
  • Not sure where the screenshots went. Could you send an email address where I could send them - because if I try responding to this via email it says "failure to deliver".

  • Hi Areef,

    You may send them here:
    Thank you!


  • ===============================================

    Screenshots sent by Areef thru email (for reference):


    Hi Areef, 

    I have attached a snapshot of the CrossCore packs in my personal Windows 10 machine. From the photo that you have sent earlier, the two packs that were under your Device Specific section are already both support packages for the EVAL-ADICUP3029. They contain the needed files to create, import, build, and debug applications for the EVAL-ADICUP3027/EVAL-ADICUP3029.


    Also, if you navigate to the 'Examples' tab, beside the 'Packs' tab, you can be able to import examples that came with the device family packs for the EVAL-ADICUP-3029. You can choose from the many examples to perform a sample trial on the board.


    (Have you tried to select the Check for Updates on Web button, encircled in the first photo above? This may check for any more additional available packs you can install .) 

    Since I only had a standalone EVAL-ADICUP3029 connected to my machine, I tried the "blinky_example (EV-COG-AD3029LZ)" example. I pressed "Copy" to open the example project. But you may try any example applicable to you and to your available resources.


    Please follow the instructions in the link: CrossCore Embedded Studio Quickstart User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] for the full guide in importing and building the examples as well as the creation and building of projects for programming the EVAL-ADICUP3029. You can also see instructions on how to build your own project for the EVAL-ADICUP3029 and instructions on other necessary configurations.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions or clarifications.


  • Hi Areef,

    I am closing out this thread due to inactivity. Please raise a new question if additional support is needed.
    Thank you.