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Problem at reported Impedance data by CN0510: Invalid Impedance Values

Category: Software
Product Number: AD5941

Hi! I am working with CN0510 Board with NUCLEo-F411RE and I have Loaded my board with BATImpedance Project which is available on Github. I am currently using 50 m ohm Resistor with a Lead Acid battery to study the impedance spectrum of The battery but the problem is that I don't get valid impedance! could you please help me solve the problem?

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on Sep 22, 2023 11:54 AM

Can you tell us a little more about your setup and configuration?  Can you share the link to the software you are using from Github?  You mentioned you are using the Nucleo board, but I believe the software that we provide for the CN0510 board was developed using the EVAL-ADICUP3029 development board.  Have you tried replicating the exact setup shown on the user guide (CN0510 User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki])? And can you get the desired results?

Have you tried removing the battery from the measurement and tested only with a known resistor to see if you can consistently read that value from the CN0510? 

 do you have any tips, tricks, questions, that would help troubleshoot this issue? 

  • sure !

    I'm using codes which are available on GitHub. this is the link:

    According to the Link above, it is possible to connect CN0510 Board to the NUCLEO-F411RE Board. there is a written code for Nucleo-F411RE board.

    yes I replicated the setup mentioned in the Application Note of CN0510.

    I set the code(based on the setting in the application Note of CN0510) to generate Sweep Excitation signal in desired range, but when I load the code on the board and measure the Excitation signal on the oscilloscope I only have excitation signal in the first step of the sweep and after few seconds the excitation signal vanishes. after few moment results of impedance measurements come up on the serial monitor but they are irrelevant, I think this is considerable because there isn't any signal in the excitation sweep except for the first step, but my question is why I can see results of measurements at those frequency steps while they aren't stimulated? 

    No I can not remove the battery because it is powering the Darlington pair at the same time, I cannot get DC voltage from a passive resistor.

    The impedance of the battery which I am testing is in the range of the calibration Resistor placed on the CN0510 that is 50 mili-ohms.

    I have seen some identical issues on the following link but it hasn't been answered properly yet:

    Could it be a problem with the Keil compiler version I'm using?

    any clue or help is gratefully appreciated!

  • Hi   could you please help with this issue?

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    on Oct 24, 2023 3:27 PM in reply to UniversityofKabol

    Hi   could you please help with this issue?

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