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C11 DNP0805 Capacitor on EmStat Pico MUX16 Board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EmStat Pico MUX16
Software Version: -


We are using the EmStat Pico MUX16 developer board ( and wanted to short the CE and RE signals by using C11 in the schematic. C11 is a DNP capacitor of size 0805, and we were wondering what values are ideal to use for this capacitor. 

Thank you!

I wanted to clarify that we are using the EmStat Pico Mux16, not the EmStat3-MUX16. Here is a link to the product we are using:
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I'm afraid I won't be able to help you very much, as the EmStat Pico is designed and owned by Palmsens.  I would recommend you reach out to their support team directly for any assistance.