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SensorPal Battery impedance measurement

Category: Software
Product Number: CN0510
Software Version: Sensor pal

I am using this circuit to measure battery imepdance: and I have connected it to the battery as shown in general setup picture, but when it comes to Nyquist plot in Sensor pal, the measurement doesn't look correct. Also, for the same input values in 2 measurements, the plot looks different which you can see on screenshots (there are few different screenshots of different or same input values because each measurement gives different Nyquist diagram)   . The resistor value was always the same and the battery that I've been using is NCR18650A (datasheet is inserted as picture). Can you tell me which input values should give me better measurement or if there is problem with hardware? I have connected the EVAL-AD5941BATZ to the EVAL-ADICUP3029 via the Arduino headers and have used BNC cables to connect the battery to the boards. 

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