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ZCU104 reference design?

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I was looking at your web site:

Question 1 : Where is the schematic for this reference design?

Question 2 : Is there HDL for this FPGA board? I didn't find it listed at:

Question 3 : Does your Linux image (Kuiper?) support the reference design (even for just the PMBus parts that are listed?) I found : but it doesn't list the LTC131 used on the ZCU104?

How can you call it a reference design, when there are no references?

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This reference design isn't a reference design from Analog Devices, rather this is the Xilinx FPGA development kit (Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU104 Evaluation Kit (  This is more of a power reference design required to power the FPGA rails and on-board functionality.

Kuiper Linux has support for many different devices and reference designs Analog Devices makes via the IIO and HWMON Linux Frameworks.  To my knowledge there is no current support for the ZCU104 FPGA development board.  We do support several projects hosted on the ZCU102 FPGA Development board, the complete list can be found here.  Kuiper Linux Supported Projects and Platforms [Analog Devices Wiki]