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CN0510 Discrepancy between Firmware and SensorPal

Category: Hardware

Hi there!

We are using the CN0510 board to get battery impedance data. It worked well through SensorPal to read frequencies above 1 Hz, but once we went the route of flashing firmware (we are attempting to read at frequencies below 1 Hz, so we followed the CN0510 user guide to flash firmware via Keil), the data we received is quite different than the data through SensorPal.

We conducted the same exact measurements (1Hz to 6000Hz with 60 points in between) via the firmware route as well as SensorPal, and the results are different. We only modified the file "AD5940Main.c" in firmware. We modified specifically "AD5940BATStructInit" and changed only the "SweepCfg.SweepStart" and "SweepCfg.SweepStop" values. Let us know how we can resolve this discrepancy, as we'd like to collect data in the sub 1 Hz range via the firmware route.