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CN0511 code issue

Category: Software
Product Number: CN0511
Software Version: Git master

I think this page just needs to be removed (it’s not used anywhere, and is duplicated on the next page).


This page:



Once the next version of Analog Devices Kuiper Linux gets released (2021_R2), these steps will be removed.

(I think that has happened now?) What’s the update?


The Python uses register reads/writes to access temperature?


I don’t understand that at all – since the driver exposes that as an IIO attribute.



and NCO:




which is also supported by the driver:


same for the FIR85 – implemented with reg read/write:


but also in the driver:


Is there something wrong with the driver that we shouldn’t be using it?

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  • Hi Robin,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We are also checking in on another issue with libad9166 and will update the doc once they are resolved. As for now, when we had a fresh setup done, the libad9166-iio installations need to be done.

    For the pyadi-IIO class, this is now currently being revised removing the direct register access. As stated by the initial developer of the class, this was done since the AD9166 driver released at the time had not yet exposed the attributes.

    Best Regards,