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Schematic for CN0513 Reference Design

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0153
Software Version: n/a
We are currently trying to use the CN-0513  also referred to as EV-AD4020-REF-DGNZ with an FPGA evaluation board. One of the documents mentions reconfiguring JP4 and JP5 for external power but leaves it at that. I'd also like to take a look at a couple other parts of the schematic, but there is no schematic link on the product page. 
The link on the product page links to the wrong evaluation board (the EVAL-FMC-4000x instead of the EV-AD4020-REF-DGNZ's schematic). 
I have tried emailing Analog Devices support several times with no response, and I replied to a post with the same question where they privately e-mailed the schematics almost 3 years ago, but still didn't update the link on the product page.) (see  RE: CN-0513 Reference Design )

Can Analog Devices please send me the schematics via e-mail as well, or please update the link on the product page to the correct schematic? 
Thank you!

Fixed the title with correct CN number
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