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CN0549 - How to calculate to g acceleration?

Category: Software
Product Number: Cn0549

So i just got the CN0549 development platform up and running over ethernet, and i'm able to run the very simple example code.

What i'm wondering about, that i can't seem to find much information about, is what the output is? Both raw and SI.

When i apply some 30Hz vibration on the sensor (CN0532), i get this output. What does the values indicate?

Also not entierly sure what input_voltage, sensor_voltage and shift_voltage means in this context. Any literature on this?

If these SI values are mV values, and i divide that on the sensitivty range of the sensor i would get (-13mv/40mv/g) = -0.325g and (11mv/40mv/g) = 0.275g.

This would not make sense as it's missing the gravitational vector?

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