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CN0540/DE10-nano signal wrong

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0540/DE10-nano


I use the cn0540 with de10-nano to connect data below. The DS1(Power), DS2(fault) and DS4(CC) are on. 

I connect the vibrating IEPE sensor to SMA or connect signal source with voltage amplitude of 1V to VIN (P10 disconnected). However, with the help of iio-oscilloscope, the plot seems that the board only has noise and can not collect the sensor data.

I tentatively infer that there are some error in switch ADG5421 and test the connection and disconnection of some nodes.

According to schematic diagram below, i find R61 left node is not connected to R10 up node but R61 right node is connected to R10 up node. So i infer that ADG5421 is broken. Is it right?

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on Mar 20, 2023 11:40 AM in reply to fireire233

It sounds like your sensor isn't getting powered, since on an IEPE line that power comes from the onboard current source of the CN0540.  Can you ensure that P10 has the shunt connected?

The other thing to check would be logic level of the FF pin, if a fault is detected then the switch will automatically be open and no signals will pass through.