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ADXL355 Accelerometer PMOD Demo on Rpi

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ
Software Version: 2021_r1

Hello, the kuiper user guide has a table of Rpi supported projects with PMOD board, adapter, device overlay filename, and documentation link.

The EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ is listed, but the documentation only refers to a demo that uses the EVAL-ADICUP360, which is very different than an Rpi.

"doc" link -> ADXL355 Accelerometer PMOD Demo [Analog Devices Wiki]

Regardless, I followed the kuiper guide for Rpi, and added the device overlay filename to the config file for the ADXL355, rebooted, and ran iio_info. I see the ADXL355 enumerate and produce a sample X, Y and Z value. Great!
The documentation for the ADICUP360 hardware suggests that the demo was originally intended to stream data to UART, and I'm assuming the driver was just ported over to linux, but it's not clear which pins on the PMD-RPI-INTZ board are set as UART RX and TX, or if that's even the right way to see the data stream on an Rpi.

The typical UART pins look to be re-assigned by the kuiper device tree according to the PMD-RPI-INTZ documentation. Also, my UART cable is not seeing anything on the Rpi header. Maybe the Rpi demo works differently because of the available python and other gui interfaces.

Is there a git repository or another document outlining this ADXL355 device overlay, along with any interface code on Rpi specifically?

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