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Pinagens Pinouts CN0552; identification of what measures each value in the IIO Oscilloscope software and how to increase the limit of 4.0936pF

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I need some help to understand what each value that the IIO Oscilloscope software reads means. What does the values ​​mean:
*capacitance1-capacitance3 ?
I also need to understand the CN0552 pinouts. And also how do I increase the limit to be able to measure higher capacitance values, as it is limited to 4.0936pF?

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  • Hi  ,

    To specifically answer your questions, kindly see the table below. It shows here the CDC input channel and its equivalent channel name that is shown on the interface. 


    For example, you place your capacitor under test between CIN1(+) and EXCA pins, it will show as capacitance0 with a default unit of measurement of pico farad. And if you are set in a differential mode and you want to see the measurement between your CIN1(+) and CIN1(-) with respect to your EXCA, it will show as capacitance0-capacitance2, default unit in pico farad. Same case with the second channel.

    To increase the range of your measurement, as the EXCA and ECXB range is limited only at 4.096pF, you need to connect the capacitor under test between EXC_EXCTENDED and CIN1(+) or CIN2(+), the CAPDAC and other settings needed to operate in this mode can be found in CN0552 Circuit Note, CN0552 Circuit Note | Analog Devices.

    Hope this helps.



  • Good Morning   I was able to check the pinout issue, and it worked here. About the extension of the capacitance limit, I was also able to understand, but this step I will do later. Thanks a lot for the help.
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