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About AD1674 Reference Circuit

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD1674TD


Is there any reference circuit for AD1674?

This product does not have an evaluation board, so I cannot find a circuit example.

If you have any reference circuit that can be used as a reference for circuit design, please provide it.



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  • Hi Kazu, not sure where your question was originally posted, but the precision A/D converter product forum is best. This forum is for system-level reference designs, typically Circuits from the Lab (for example, CN0508 power supply).

    After a bit of digging on our website, it looks like the AD1674 is a very old part - there's an Analog Dialogue article from 1991 (see page 16).

    It is very unlikely that there is much information beyond what is in the datasheet. Are you working on a new product, or maintenance on an old product? If this is an old product and you are in need of expert advice, please contact a sales office.

    If it is a new product, it is likely that there are more modern devices that will be higher performance, lower cost, smaller, and with a more convenient digital interface.

    The  Precision ADCs forum is the best place to ask for advice. Also note that there are a few discussions about this part, enter "ad1674" in the search box in EngineerZone.