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Regarding EVAL-ADICUP360 ADC

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADICUP360
Software Version: CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.11.1


I just got my EVAL-ADICUP360, installed CrossCore Embedded Studio, and all the dependencies in the wiki.

Followed each and every step of the project setup. Tried blinking led and cn0336 examples available here and it works good.

Now I want to test the ADC pins EVAL-ADICUP360 as there were no examples of ADC in the repo mentioned above I tried CMSIS Pack Managers Example:

But the it does not work as expected So, I debugged it a little and find out that the problem is maybe due to prinf/sprintf as the system crashed/held when printf is used. Printf is important for so many reasons I fear I can not just bypass it.

Here are configuration before building the project:

I tried Enabling/Disabling Semihosting but all in vain