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Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0540

I´m working in a PCB design based on EVB CN0540. CN0540 Schematic show two options to obtain VOCM_REF; 1 -  Is using VOCM, 2 - Is using VOCM_ADC. As the schematic shows, in CN0540 EVB is chosen VOCM option by default on the board (selected with a 0R resistor).

VOCM comes from

VOCM_ADC Comes from

I´m trying to simplify my design as much as possible so I would like to know if it would be posible to select only de second option (Obtain VOCM_REF from VOCM_ADC) and not use the first option (Obtain VOCM_REF from VOCM), erasing VOCM section in my design.

I need to know if my proposal would work properly or if there could be any problem with it.


Thank you very much.