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CN0540 Default Settings and Continuous conversion; AD7768-1 Data Sheet error?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-CN0540-ARDZ
Software Version: Example program for EVAL-CN0540-ARDZ

From the Circuit Note:

System Default Configuration

A default configuration of the system for narrow bandwidth measurement was chosen as follows for the ADC settings:

  • MCLK divider: MCLK/16
  • Power mode: low power mode
  • FIR filter with decimation over 32
  • VCM pin output: (AVSS − AVDD)/2
  • Reference (REF) buffers: precharge on
  • Analog input (AIN) buffers: precharge on
  • MCLK frequency of 16.384 MHz
  • FDA enabled, in low power mode
  • DAC buffer enabled
  • DAC output set to half scale

However, I read in the AD7768-1 Data Sheet, DIGITAL INTERFACE, DATA CONVERSION MODES, One Shot Conversion Mode: "Continuous conversion mode is not available as an option for use with the low ripple FIR filter." Does that mean that the default settings will not work for continuous conversion? The Circuit Note says "The system default configuration was used for most of the measurements included in this reference design." What conversion mode was used to collect the data for the FFTs?

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