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CN0540 Example Program Ported to STM32 NUCLEO-L496ZG: Getting Started, FAULT

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-CN0540-ARDZ
Software Version: 1:9dd7c64b4a64

I plugged a CN-0540 into a NUCLEO-L496ZG. I then ported the Example Program to STM32CubeIDE without Mbed: AD-CN0540_STM_NUCLEO-L496ZG. I connected a  Wilcoxon 786A general purpose accelerometer.

Now, I'm trying to run and debug the thing. I've connected a terminal, and I get this:

* EVAL-CN0540-PMDZ Demonstration Program -- (mbed) *
* *
* This program demonstrates IEPE / ICP piezo accelerometer *
* interfacing and FFT measurements using AD7768-1 *
* Precision 24-bit sigma-delta AD converter *
* *
* Set the baud rate to 115200 select the newline terminator. *

Command Summary:

1 - Set ADC power mode
2 - Set ADC MCLK divider
3 - Set ADC filter type
4 - Set ADC AIN and REF buffers
5 - Set ADC to default config
6 - Set ADC VCM output
7 - Read desired ADC register
8 - Read continuous ADC data
9 - Reset ADC
10 - ADC Power-down
11 - Set ADC GPIOs
12 - Read ADC [censored] status
13 - Set ADC Vref and MCLK
14 - Print ADC measured data
15 - Set ADC data output mode
16 - Set ADC diagnostic mode
17 - Do the FFT
18 - FFT settings
19 - Set ADC Gains, Offsets
20 - ADC Scratchpad Check
21 - Compenzate Piezo sensor offset
22 - Set DAC output

If I enter 12, I get this:

== [censored] STATUS REGISER
[censored] error: FAULT
ADC error: OK
Dig error: OK
Ext. clock: OK
Filter saturated: FAULT
Filter not settled: OK
SPI error: OK
POR Flag: OK

Makes sense; the FAULT LED is on. At one point, I was able to run choice 21 - Compenzate Piezo sensor offset, but now that just hangs. 

I have a feeling that I just don't know how to operate this thing (although my port has not been debugged yet, so that could be a problem too). Any suggestions on where to start?

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