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CN0537 output data to ADC raw data

Category: Software
Product Number: CN0537


Below thread gave me the advice that CN0537 outputs PTR.

 RE: CN0537 output data 

How can I change PTR to ADC raw data  ?

I would like to know the equation of PTR to ADC raw data.

I can not find the equation from below user guide.

Please let me know your advice.



  • Hi Teli,

    The relationship is detailed in the circuit note through several sections. This is the equation for PTR and the photodiode and LED currents:

    The photodiode current is computed from the raw ADC data (Code):

    where Q is the ADC resolution and PULSE_COUNT is the number of LED pulses for the timeslot (set in software)

    The LED current is set in software and is set using the course, fine, and scale control registers for each LED:

    Best Regards,