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IBIS model

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I need IBIS  models for the part numbers AD8606AR, AD8042ARZ, ADP3339AKC-3.3, ADP3339AKCZ3.3R7, AD73322LARU, and ADG752BRTZ-REEL7. Please link all those IBIS models if available.

  • Hi Lav,

    The op amps and voltage regulators are analog components, IBIS is for digital I/O.

    IBIS might be appropriate for the AD73322LARU, but I don't see it posted. But it's listed as "Not Recommended for New Designs", so if you need support on this you should contact a sales office.

    Also - this forum is intended for support of Circuit Notes and board-level reference designs, we'll do our best to redirect your questions to the appropriate forums. You will probably get a faster response if you ask in the product's EZ forum (  Audio for the AD73322, for example).