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Does anyone have the available CN0552 hex file? It says that the file is in the wiki page to download but not found

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-CN0552-PMDZ

I am currently trying to use the EVAL-CN0552 with the EVAL-ADICUP3029 to measure the capacitance, I follow the instruction on EVAL-CN0552-PMDZ Overview [Analog Devices Wiki] but the prebuilt CN0552 hex file cannot be found to download.

Does anyone have the available CN0552 hex file?

on Oct 21, 2022 12:41 PM

Hi Caoyu98,

Looks like you are correct, something is incorrect here.  I think there may be something wrong with the built server which posts things to the Github repo, let me check in with the software team and see if we can get an answer for you.



  • Hi ,

    This is the hex file for the CN0552-ADICUP3029 no-OS project.