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CN0532 (ADXL1002) IEPE Voltage Drops

Category: Hardware

Hi everyone,

we use several of the CN0549 systems with the CN0532 IEPE acceleration sensor PCBs based on the ADXL1002. When the sensor is calibrated and works correctly, the IIO oscilloscope app displays roughly 12 V sensor voltage (V_IEPE) as expected:

From time to time the sensor voltage drops randomly to 1 - 2 V. In these cases, the acceleration is not captured correctly:

This state lasts a while and vanishes again (at least up until now), when the system remains turned off for several hours. We experienced it already with 2 distinct sensor PCBs (and CN0540 acquisition boards).

This issue makes the system quite unreliable. Did anyone experience similar issues? What could be the cause of this problem?

Best regards and thanks in advance!