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CN0532 (ADXL1002) IEPE Voltage Drops

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Hi everyone,

we use several of the CN0549 systems with the CN0532 IEPE acceleration sensor PCBs based on the ADXL1002. When the sensor is calibrated and works correctly, the IIO oscilloscope app displays roughly 12 V sensor voltage (V_IEPE) as expected:

From time to time the sensor voltage drops randomly to 1 - 2 V. In these cases, the acceleration is not captured correctly:

This state lasts a while and vanishes again (at least up until now), when the system remains turned off for several hours. We experienced it already with 2 distinct sensor PCBs (and CN0540 acquisition boards).

This issue makes the system quite unreliable. Did anyone experience similar issues? What could be the cause of this problem?

Best regards and thanks in advance!

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Hi hwsw,

So let me see if I completely understand your setup.  You have two SMA cables connected in series.  One side is soldered directly to the CN0532 as shown in the user guide, and the two SMA cables are connected together with an SMA to SMA adaptor (do you have a part number here you can share?) and then the other end of the second SMA cable is plugged directly into the CN0540 board?  So the distance from your sensor(CN0532) to the DAQ board(CN0540) is approximately 2 meters?

Can you comment on how often the sensor acts in this undesired behavior? (once a hour, once a day, once a week?)  Is there anything "common" that is occurring before this behavior is exhibited?(like the machine turning on/off or starting/stopping the software or performing some other function? etc.)  How are you connecting the sensor(CN0532) to the asset of interest?  Are you using the EVAL-XLMOUNT1?  If not, can you share a picture of how the sensor is being connected?

I haven't seen this behavior on my setup, but I have not tried to connect 2-SMA cable together to increase the distance between the sensor and DAQ board.

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    I'm closing out this ticket due to inactivity, please open a new question if additional support is required.