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PT1000 Sensor Error

Why does the pt1000 sensor error when testing using the EVAL-CN0359-EB1Z analog device, even though when tested using a multimeter, the sensor still has a resistance of 1023 ohms and will increase as the temperature gets higher?

Is there a way to fix it so that pt1000 can work again?

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Can you provide more details on the error you are receiving?  How are you setting up the system?  Do you have a conductivity probe connected?  Do you have any pictures of your setup that you can share?  It would be helpful to understand your step by step procedure so we can recreate things on our side.



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    I would assume that this concern is similar to what you've posted on this link: PT1000 Sensor Suddenly Error - Q&A - Reference Circuits - EngineerZone (  Kindly confirm.



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    I'm closing out this ticket due to inactivity, please open a new question if additional support is required.