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ADR5041AKSZ-REEL7 as a Programmable Current Source.

How to use ADR5041AKSZ-REEL7 as a Programmable Current Source with AD5141BCPZ100-RL7(Digipot) to generate a reference voltage generator for setting the output voltage in the variable rage(28 to 32) with the reference voltage equal to 2.419V

  • Hi Anusha, and I apologize for the delay. What is the end objective of your circuit? Is it only to generate a single adjustable voltage from 28 to 32 volts, with a step size of (32-28)/256 = 0.0156 V? Why did you choose the ADR5041 reference? Did you have a particular circuit topology in mind? If so, please provide a sketch.

    Did you choose the AD5141 for the nonvolatile memory, or will you always have a controller of some sort available while your circuit is running? If so - there are lots of DACs that might do the job. For example, the LTC2631 is an I2C DAC with built-in reference - you could apply a scale and offset to the output using a precision op-amp circuit.

    Note that this forum is generally for supporting our reference circuits (Circuits from the Lab). If you intended to ask about the AD5041 voltage reference, there is a separate EZ forum for references:

     Voltage References