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Question about CN0359 (ADC, signal line connection)

Pins 38 and 40 of ADUCM360 shown in the reference circuit diagram of CN0359 are connected to the "AD8253_A0" signal.

   1) I would like to ask what is the meaning of connecting pins 38 and 40 of ADUCM360 in the above "AD8253_A0" signal.


   2) I don't use ADUCM360, I want to use a different processor. The processor I'm going to use doesn't have a 24bit ADC.

       Please recommend your company's ADC that can be used as an external ADC (using I2C communication) that can be used instead of the ADC inside the ADUCM360.

We ask for your help.

modify to I2C interface (Ext ADC)
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