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I am using CN-0507 with ADICUP3029 board to create a new application, but i can not get the result from the board,.So,is there any example for create a new application? How can i send command and how can i receive the results.


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  • Hi sunnymaster,

    The ADC codes are the unsigned integer measurements from the internal ADC of the ADuCM3029. The ADC has been configured to use an internal 2.5V as reference. To convert the ADC codes into the correct in-phase and quadrature voltages, follow the steps below:

    1. Convert the ADC code into voltage:

       V_inphase = (Reference_inphase_ADC_Code) * 2.5 volts / (2^12)

       V_reference = (Reference_voltage_ADC_Code) * 2.5 volts / (2^12)

    2. Remove the reference voltage from the measurement

       V_inphase_final = V_inphase - V_reference

    The s-parameters could then be computed from the V_inphase_final and the V_quadrature_final as discussed here