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I am using CN-0507 with ADICUP3029 board to create a new application, but i can not get the result from the board,.So,is there any example for create a new application? How can i send command and how can i receive the results.


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  • Hi,mthoren_adi,

    Thank you for your reply.I have browsed the information on this webpage]

    In Creating A New PC Applications part,I set the same serial port parameters as the UART Configuration part. When I send the 0X00040501 command and receive 0x0007050101aaaa, it means that the serial communication is successful. But when I tried to send the cmd_normal command to sweep the module from 1.7GHz to 3.4GHz, I found that the received data was 0x00060803aaaa, and then I used the serial monitor software to find that the cmd_normal sent by clicking the Start Sweep button on the GUI interface was 0x08f2, which was not in the Command List. 0x0803. I send 0x001108f26553f100caa7e200040d990000 through the serial port and the number of bytes in the Command Output part received is 312 which cannot correspond to the Return Values in the Command List. I want to know if there is a problem with the Command List part?


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