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CN0540 IEPE Acquisition Board evaluation tips


We are about t evaluate CN0540 in factory environment. The system consists of a CN0540 board fitted on a STM32429ZI Nucleo board. The IEPE sensor is a CMSS2100 from SKF. So far we have a firmware controlling the CN0540 (RESET_ADC, etc.) and the ADC driver to communicate and get data from AD7768. The firmware sets Fs=16kHz and can calculate FFT on board using ARMs FFT library. The output of the FFT calculations is forwarded t a Linux PC via UART. We are considering to forward the raw data to the PC if this setup is not satisfactory.

Since we don't have much expertise in this field, I'd like ask a couple of questions:

1.  What would be your recommendations on FFT bin size, Fs, etc. with the above setup for the initial measurements on a CNC machine?

2. Is there anything which should be controlled on CN0540? (setting DACs voltage bias, jumpers we did not notice?)