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ADICUP360: What is "TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ" of analogdevicesinc/EVAL-ADICUP360

Dear developer of ADI

I am testing the "ADICUP360" and "ADXL355_PMDZ" with "" using CrossCore Embedded Studio.

(I would like to call the open source in "" as git source).

I found the "SysTick_Config (SystemCoreClock / TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ)" in Timer.c. of git source.

I also found "SystemCoreClock = SYSTEM_CLOCK = __HFOSC = (16000000UL)    /* Oscillator frequency" in system_ADuCM360.c of git source.

I could also find "HFOSC is a 16 MHz internal oscillator that is used in active mode" in "ADuCM360/ADuCM361 Hardware User Guide".

For "TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ", I could find the definition of "TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ = (1000u)" in Timer.h.

However, I can not find the exact meaning of "TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ" and the reason of using "1000u" for this.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me the exact meaning of "TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ" and

the reason for using (1000u) as the setting value of "TIMER_FREQUENCY_HZ".

Best regards, 

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