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CN0507 VNA Frequency Range


I noticed the frequency range of CN0507 is determined by the low-pass filters (HMC1044) and the directional couplers. The hardware should work up to 6GHz, if I replace HMC1044 with another filter up to 6GHz and replace BDCN-14-342+ with another coupler up to 6GHz.

I wonder if I can set the sweep frequency beyond 3.4GHz in software. I haven’t got the board yet so I cannot try. I just found a hex file for the software and I cannot find the source code.

Could you please help me to find the source code?

Also, do you have any plan to build a low cost VNA up to 6GHz? That will be fantastic.

Thank you very much.



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Hi Roberto,

My understanding that the CN0507 software is not for open distribution, but I'll ping a colleague and ask to see if he can give you more details on that.  He should get back to you directly.



  • Hi Brandon,

    I appreciate your support. 

    I don’t need the source code. Just increase the sweep range would be great for me.

    Thank you very much.



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