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CN0359 rs485 Problem Need A Help

Hello we are usin CN0359 Dev Kit for our project.

When we are connecting the CN0359 to our PC by RS485-USB converter we can send the measured datas by RS485 to PC with no problem.

But for our project we add the ADUM 7641 arqz IC for isolation.

We add the adum 7641 arqz IC between CPU and  ADM3075EARZ

But after this operation our datas have trouble when receiving.

Know we see " k ,  ( ,  .  ) " values like this which we dont have in the data.

We tried to change the baund rate of UART but problem is still there.

We thought it may be because of the delay time , But we tested the code in debug mode by waiting in eah data but problem is still there.

The datas are exiting from the UART truely but after isolation IC and  ADM3075EARZ   the datas are coming to serial port of PC are wrong.

But we dont have this problem in CN0359 when we use the same code.

Any help and idea will be usefull...


  • Hi raseyns,

    I think you have already done a lot of debugging for this issue but I need some more info to understand your setup. You said that you added the adum7641 between the mcu and the ADM3075. Can you show me a general connection diagram for this? I think the CN0359 you are using is working fine.

    Additionally, the ADM3075 currently sources its power from the 3.3V on-board LDO. Since you placed the isolator in between, can you also show me how you powered the ADM3075?



  • Hi Nikko Thanks for help. Just simple capacitor at power line solved our problem thanks for return anyway.


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