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ADICUP 360 Disconnects Automatically During DEBUG Mode


I am working with an ADICUP360 EVAL-BOARD for the past 3-4 weeks. I am using the board for reading values from ADXL355-PMDZ accelerometer.

Recently, I have noticed that the board disconnects itself automatically after a duration of 3-4 seconds, whenever I am using it in DEBUG mode through a USB cable. The switches configuration is (S1: 0 || S2: 0 || S3: 1 || S4: 0). Often, the device gets disconnected before the program is completely booted into it.  I am using CROSSCORE EMBEDDED STUDIO. 

When I am reading the values in USER mode (through serial in PUTTY), the device remains active and does not show any abnormal behavior. Can someone help me out to identify the problem here and how to fix it? I will be thankful.

Mistake in title has been fixed.
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