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EVAL-CN0429-EBZ BOM is inconsistent

I'm looking at ordering gas sensors the EVAL-CN0429-EBZ.  The BOM parts list doesn't seem to be consistent with the photos online.  All the photos of the PCB have gold inserts mounted on the board for the gas sensor to allow for easy insertion and removal.  I cannot find these parts listed on the BOM, instead there seems to be two different options;

10 1 E026504 MOD CARBON MONOXIDE SENSOR  110-102 M110-102 N/A N/A N/A M1 SPEC SENSORS  110-102
12 2 E023091 CONN-PCB HDR SIL VERT, 2.0MM PITCH  M22-2010205 CNHDR1X2H207 N/A N/A N/A P2,P3 HARWIN  M22-2010205

I think the BOM is for a SPEC SENSOR 110-102?

Please advise.


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  • Brandon,

    I seem to be getting random numbers for the sensor reading.  It can be anywhere from -26 to 209ppm.

    I am using a CO sensor 75nA/ppm

    Rload - 10Ohm

    Rtia= 12k, 1000 ppm range

    Vbias = 0V

    Can you explain what startmeas and stopmeas is used for? Neither seem to effect the results. Also when I readrcal the value returned is 121 ohm. This seems way off.  The sensor has been powered on over the weekend so it has had lots of time to settle.  Can you please let me know if I am doing anything wrong or I am missing a step?


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