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AD7794 External Voltage


I want to use an external voltage of 3.3V for AD7794 to fully capture the signal.

Which voltage reference component you suggest me to choose?

And should I connect the REFIN- pin to the GND? 

Thank you.

  • This was answered on another thread, so i copied it and pasted it below.


    Hi cevdet29,

    The AD7794 suggests the use of ADR391 and ADR381 which are 2.5 V micropower low noise voltage reference.

    For 3.3V, I suggest you use the ADR4533 which is ultra-low noise but has Is=950uA compared to the ADR391 with Is=120uA.

    Yes you can connect the REFIN- pin to GND.

    Btw the external reference can only accept 3.3V when AVdd is powered at 3.3V

    Hope this helps.