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AD7794 intead of ADUCM360


I want use AD7794 instead of ADuCM360 in CN-0359 Circuit Note.

But I am confused about which pin configuration I should use.

I have indicaetd the ADC pins in the picture.

What should ADC[3:0] pins pole configuration be?

For example : ADC0, ADC1, ADC2, ADC3 respectively (+)(-)(+)(-)

What is the proper congfiguration for these pins?

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Hi cevdet29,

Each of the ADC channels being sent to ADuCM360 in the CN0359 are single-ended inputs.  So you'll want to send each input (ADC[0:3]) to the AIN[0:3] (+) inputs and ground the AIN[0:3] (-) inputs…

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    Hi cevdet29,

    The ADuCM360 has pseudo differential capability and can accept the 4 signals as either single ended or differential inputs. The AD7794 has fully differential inputs and what Brandon suggests…