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AD7794 intead of ADUCM360


I want use AD7794 instead of ADuCM360 in CN-0359 Circuit Note.

But I am confused about which pin configuration I should use.

I have indicaetd the ADC pins in the picture.

What should ADC[3:0] pins pole configuration be?

For example : ADC0, ADC1, ADC2, ADC3 respectively (+)(-)(+)(-)

What is the proper congfiguration for these pins?

  • Hi,

    I would suggest to move or post this thread to Reference Circuits as they may have better understanding regarding the circuit. Regarding the use of AD7794 as replacement, it would be great if you will define first what will be your target specifications. What will be the input signal requirements, what is the required accuracy and resolution, ODR and timing conditions, does it required dynamic specs, drivers, external references and PGAs, etc.



  • Hello JellenieR,

    Thank you for feedback:) I did what you suggest.

    In CN-0359 at the page 8, it has been specified that if I want to use a discrete ADC, the AD7794 is a good choice. So I want to use it. But I don't know how I configure these ADC[0:3] pins.

    I hope I am clear enough.

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