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AD3552R DAC Eval Board + SPH-H1. ACE Software unable to set offset.


We are evaluating the AD3552R DAC using the EVAL-AD3552RFMC1Z and SPD-H1.

I downloaded and installed the latest ACE software (1.25.3217.1403) and connected the boards.

The 1kHz 'DefaultSingleTone' vector is added and 'Play' is clicked and we can see the waveform at the DAC output.

However, I am not able to change the amplitude or offset through Waveform Generator. The amplitude is displayed as 12V in a grayed out box and offset is displayed as 0 also in a grayed out box.

We are only able to modify the frequency of the waveform and the attenuation. Also, the amplitude always displays 12V regardless of what output range is selected. 

Is there a way to change the waveform amplitude and offset directly from when creating the vectors?

Furthermore, the offset is not adjustable even through modifying 'CHx_OFFSET' registers when using custom output mode.

I can adjust the amplitude by modifying the 'CH0_CH1_OUTPUT_RANGE` or overriding the output range and setting the `CHx_GAIN` registers.

The 'CHx_OFFSET' register, however, has no effect on the DAC output when using custom output using `CHx_RANGE_OVERRIDE`. It simply has no change to the DAC output.

This seems to be an opposite behavior of what it says on the datasheet: "This register configures the dc offset of the Channel 0 DAC. For this value to take effect, the CH0_RANGE_OVERRIDE bit must be set in the CH0_GAIN register"


Please help us troubleshoot this issue.

  • The current version of ACE does not allow setting the offset in the pattern generator, This is a digital offset applied when the waveform is computed. I requested enabling the offset and amplitude settings for the next release of the plug-in.

    The register CHx_OFFSET is an analog offset that adds a DC current to the output of the DAC. It covers 1/4 of FSR each way with values from 0 to 255 and a polarity bit. This register is enabled with the CHx_RANGE_OVERRIDE bit. Changes in the register map take place after pressing the button Apply Changes.

  • Thank you for the reply Antonius! 

    When will the next release of the plug-in be available?

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