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AD3552R DAC Eval Board + SPH-H1. ACE Software Transaction Error


We are evaluating the AD3552R DAC using the EVAL-AD3552RFMC1Z and SPD-H1.

I downloaded and installed the latest ACE software (1.24.3098.1398) and connected the boards.

ACE software is able to recognize the connected devices and I can fully navigate the menus without errors.

However, I am not able to get the board to output the waveforms when I follow the waveform generation guide.

The 1kHz 'DefaultSingleTone' vector is added to the DAC and 'Play' is clicked, then the ACE software indicates that there is a "Transaction Error".

No further information is provided by the ACE software. Please help troubleshooting this issue.

Error log from the software is attached here,