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Signal Chain design - gain and single ended to differential conversion for AD4945-1 as the driver stage - will there be an impact on noise?

I am thinking of doing gain and single ended to differential conversion at the ADC driver stage in my signal chain – for my circuit I have selected the ADA4945-1. Is there a way to evaluate different diff amp circuits and their impact on noise?

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  • The Diff Amp Calculator tool can be downloaded from the following link.  This tool models the output noise density, RMS output noise, SNR, H2/H3, SINAD and ENOB. The tools will allow you to select Single-ended or differential inputs, you can select the tolerance of the resisters and select the load the output will drive. This will allow you see the effect of doing single ended to differential with gain around the ADA4945-1. You can also see the power consumption for this circuit with the tool.

    Here is a link to an Application Note  that will guide you through how to use the tool.