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AD7626 signal chain for higher frequency measurements >1MHz

 I have used the AD7626 in previous designs and I am considering it for a higher frequency measurement design - is there performance for the AD7626 with input frequencies > 1 MHz and can you recommend an ADC driver to maximize performance?

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  • The AD7626 datasheet does show AC dynamic performance with input frequencies up to 2.4MHz. In addition there is a Circuit Note CN0105 that shows the AD7626 10 MSPS 16 bit ADC used with the ADA4932-1 Fully Differential Amp doing Single ended to differential conversion in addition to driving the AD7626 input. This Circuit note shows performance with a tone of 2.4MHz the SINAD is >84.5 dB. Also use the Precision ADC Driver tool to test the AD7626 with different ADC driver options at higher input frequency tones to understand the best option for your design.