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Transimpedance amplifier for pulsed photodiode measurement signal chain

I am working on a new pulsed photodiode measurement signal chain design I would like to design a Transimpedance Amplifier fast enough to pass 1 us pulse while maximizing SNR. I am looking at the LTC6268 is there a way to quickly evaluate its performance for 1 us pulses?

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  • In the Photodiode Circuit Design Wizard Tool the circuit design tab will allow you to select the LTC6268 as the Transimpedance Amplifier (TiA). You can input 1 us as the pulse width on this tab. If you know the details of your photodiode then you can input these parameters into the Photodiode tab. The tool will calculate the noise/SNR, show the pulse response so that you can see the impact of the TiA circuit on the pulse shape and give the TIA component values. The tool will allow you to change parameters like peak current and see the impact on performance.