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LTC2387-18 ADC Input Driver - Fully Differential Amp v's Two Unity Gain Buffers

How can I quickly check if there is a difference between using a fully differential amplifier or two unity gain buffers as the ADC input Driver circuit for the LTC2387-18?

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  • The Precision ADC Driver tool allows you to quickly determine the trade-offs between various ADC driver options for the LTC2387-18 ADC and many more precision ADCs.

    The tool provides simulated performance for noise and total harmonic distortion for the ADC, RC Filter and ADC Driver Circuit.

    For the LTC2387-18 the tool allows selection from between the ADA4899-1, LTC6229 operational amplifiers and ADA4945-1, AD4932-1 Fully differential amplifiers.

    In addition to simulating the performance differences between using two operational amplifiers and fully differential amplifiers the tool allows you to simulate different circuit topologies around the ADC driver circuit – ADC driver with gain, single ended to differential conversion, inverting or non-inverting topologies.

    Visit this link to start to simulate the LTC2387-18 with different ADC driver amplifiers.