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Noise simulation result of AD8237 doesn't match with datasheet spec

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8237

My noise simulation result with AD8237 in LTspice does not align with the datasheet spec, does anyone else have this issue?

  • Different parameters can change the outcome of a noise simulation.

    The first step is to check if some gain is implemented. When using the AD8237 with some gain, the noise output will not correspond to the datasheet specifications. To get the datasheet value back, you need to divide the obtained value by the gain used. For example, if a gain of 100 is implemented, then the noise output will print a value around:

    The second origin of noise difference is to check if parallel components are introducing some noise. The “noiseless” command can be added for resistors to remove any noise coming from those component.

    Check out this video  LTspice IV: Noise Simulations - YouTube to learn more about Noise simulation!

  • Hi Ren, 

    Additional to what Marie has said, if you still haven't been able to fix the issue, maybe you could you share your schematic/.asc file?