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How to edit the AD8237 symbol in LTspice?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD8237


I am using LTspice to simulate the AD8237 model, but I would like to edit the symbol in order to change its look.

What are the steps I should follow to get this done?


  • Using LTspice you can edit the symbol either by navigating to the location where the symbol is on your machine, or  by right clicking on the symbol in your schematic and click 'Open Symbol'.


    The AD8237 SPICE model default symbol is a rectangle. A series of steps should be followed to edit the symbol to visually reflect the function of the AD8237 (In-Amp).




    1. Use the 'Delete, Drag and Move tool' available at the top of the window to change the position of the inputs and outputs and shape the component to look similar to an Op Amp. The blue squares display each of the inputs and outputs available in the symbol. Modify the position of each pin accordingly.
    2. Click on the 'Draw' button and select 'Line' to draw the new shape of the symbol.
    3. Save the new symbol. The symbol is ready to be used.


    Check out this video LTspice: Creating and Working with Symbols - YouTube  to learn more!