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How to import the AD8237 SPICE model into LTspice?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD8237


I am trying to simulate the AD8237 LTspice model and I am wondering how to import it.

How should I proceed?


  • There are a number steps that must be followed to successfully import the AD8237 SPICE model including:

    • Download the  AD8237  SPICE model from the product page on Analog page.
    • Open the netlist (CIR file) that contains the sub circuit definition. For this, drag the file into LTspice. A text file will open listing the component and parameters.
    • Edit the symbol information in the .SUBCKT section as required (name, etc…).
    • Scroll to the '.SUBCKT' section in the file (it is in the sub circuit definition).
    • Right-click the line containing the name of the sub circuit and select 'Create Symbol'.
    • To use the new symbol in a schematic, select the symbol from the '[AutoGenerated]' directory in the component library (F2).

    Check out this video How to import a component?  to learn more!