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AD7682 SAR ADC Design considerations

I'm going to use the AD7682 SAR ADC for my design, this is an excellent device that is small and has the ability to scale the power with throughput. Is there anything I should consider for my design. 

  • Thanks for your question, as you have highlighted the AD7682 is a 16bit 4 channel 250ksps PulSAR ADC, this ADC is an excellent choice for low power data acquisition, and as you have correctly pointed out the power scales with throughput. The AD7682 can easily accept input signals that are single-ended, differential, or bipolar and has many of the key building blocks such as selectable onboard reference,  buffer, temperature sensor, and selectable one pole filter, as well as a sequencer that comes in extremely useful when input signals must be continuously scanned.

    Take a look at AN-931 which gives an excellent overview of how this device works and goes through some key design considerations to ensure that you can avoid any potential pitfalls.

    If a higher channel count is required or higher speeds why not take a look at the latest SAR ADCs from Analog Devices that are the next generation, the AD4696/AD4695, there are also different package options available of these devices as well as the ability to drive the power lower by scaling the throughput.