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MAX9123EUE+T broken

Category: Hardware
Hi everyone,
we have the following problem: We used four of your MAX9123EUE+T LVDS chips on our breakout board and now two of them appear to be broken. After some testing, we found out that the SCLK_P and the SCLK_N-lines are fine but the MOSI_P, MOSI_N, CS_P, and CS_N have a short to ground which shouldn't be the case. For example, the CS_P line has a ohmic resistance to ground of about 6.4 ohms but actually, it should be an open circuit. Also, it's strange since for one of the broken chips the MOSI_N line is broken but for the other, both the MOSI_P and the CS_P lines are broken, so no pattern in any case. Do you have any idea what could've happened here? Also, it should not be an assemble problem since it was assembled by the manufacturer and not soldered by us. So it must be the chip itself.
Thanks for the help.
Here is the schematic of the circuit for reference:

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